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Annoucement: How Fans Can Help #Frequency?!

Frequency‘s ratings are on the low side but we can all help to try and make sure the series is not cancelled and given a fair shot. I feel like half the problem is that not enough people know about the series. Once they start watching it most are quick fans. I have seen this so many times as I myself have recommended so many people to watch the series.

Here’s a quick list of things I think will help spread the word on the series and make the network take notice of its growing fanbase.

LIVE TWEET with the cast and creators of the show on Twitter and get the series trending. They live tweet for east coast and west coast. Use the hashtags #Frequency #GetYourFreqOn and #Freqs if you have space. The first two hashtags are the most important. If you have more than one account, tweet from that one as well. Numbers matter and it’s all about getting the show trending.
Only post the hashtags ONCE per tweet or your tweets will be considered spam by Twitter.

FACEBOOK POSTS about your love of the series. Use the hashtags #Frequency , #GetYourFreqOn to get connected and meet new fans. Hashtags are the most important part here. Every little bit helps.

WATCH/RECORD the series. Set your DVRs to record the show. These count for ratings! I do this even if I am watching live.

GET THE CW APP to watch the series. It’s free. They are seeing how many people use the app to watch. The show is fantastic, you can watch it twice. Make sure to let the ads play!

TELL THE CW on twitter how much you love the series at @CWFrequency.

TELL A FRIEND to watch the series. Share the awesomeness of this show. The series needs more and more fans. More fans means more live tweets, more hashtags, more people to get the series trending, yada yada.

Can you think of something else that I’m missing! Please let me know so I can share it with the Frequency community.

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