Annoucement: How Fans Can Help #Frequency?!

Frequency‘s ratings were on the low side for season 1 and because of this it has not secured a spot for season 2. We can all help to try and make sure the series is not cancelled and given a fair shot. Half the problem is that not enough people know about the series. Once they start watching it most are quick fans. I have seen this so many times as I myself have recommended so many people to watch the series.

Here’s a quick list of things I think will help spread the word on the series and make the network take notice of its growing fanbase.

TWEET THE CW! Although the show has ended for the season you can still tweet about it! In fact, it’s important that you do! Tell the CW on twitter how much you love the series at @CWFrequency @TheCW @TheCW_PR. We also suggest adding @Netflix to the mix incase the CW doesn’t pick up the series, we want to make sure Netflix knows it has an established fanbase. Hey, it can’t hurt.

EXAMPLE TWEET: (Feel Free to Copy and Paste)
We want a second season of #Frequency! #RenewFrequency @CWFrequency @TheCW @TheCW_PR @Netflix

Feel free to copy and paste that tweet or something along those lines and let the CW know you want them to renew Frequency. Numbers matter and it’s all about getting the show trending and get the CW’s attention.

#FREQYFRIDAY! is our online viewing party. Every Friday 9pm Eastern we watch one episode of Frequency together and livetweet about it. We share our thoughts and just fan together. There are also giveaways! We use our hashtags and include the CW and Netflix (SEE EXAMPLE ABOVE) in our conversations. For the episode listings and more information click here.

FACEBOOK POSTS about your love of the series. Use the hashtags #Frequency and #Renew Frequency to get connected and meet new fans. Hashtags are the most important part here. Every little bit helps!

WATCH/STREAM the series. Got Netflix? Got the CW App? Open them up and start streaming the series. Get those numbers up. These count! ALSO, make sure to give the series a 5 star rating on the viewing app if allowed.

TELL A FRIEND to watch the series. Share the awesomeness of this show. The series needs more and more fans. More fans means more views, more tweets, more hashtags, and more people to get the attention of The CW.

ADD A RIBBON to your social media icons. Join our Twitter Ribbon Campaign to visually show your support for the series.

Can you think of something else that I’m missing! Please let me know so I can share it with the Frequency community.

– Last Edited 3/8/17

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  1. Great Show……it needs to come back on the air…….fantastic writing and chemistry a quality show…..
    What are the network CEO’s thinking !!!!!

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