Frequency Fan #FreqyArt Giveaway

As promised on twitter (@frequency_site be sure you are following us for exclusive news and photos), I have news on a new amazing giveaway! #FreqyArt is the name of this giveaway and it’s for fans who love to make fan art and graphics. Whether you like to draw, paint, sketch, or manipulate photos into graphics, this is the giveaway for you. Simply create fanart for the series and enter it into our giveaway. Click here for full giveaway entry information and details.

The giveaway will be opened until May 1st. A winner will be chosen on May 5th following our last #FreqyFriday. This will be the giveaway for that day and boy is it a good one! The giveaway is an AUTOGRAPHED Frequency poster signed by Riley Smith (Frank), Peyton List (Raimy), Mekhi Phifer (Satch), Devin Kelley (Julie), Lenny Jacobson (Gordo), Daniel Bonjour (Daniel). The poster was donated by Riley himself to the site for #FreqyFriday.

Please be sure to read the giveaway information and details.

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