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Photos: Peyton List for Emmy Magazine

I’ve added a couple new scans of Peyton in the new issue of Emmy Magazine. Thanks to my friend Mary for these.

Photos: Frequency Promotional Images & Poster Art

I’ve added new Frequency promotional images and a slightly new poster art to the gallery. The promotional images look awesome and have made me so excited for the show! Thanks to Angela for the heads up on these.

Photos: Riley attends Emmy’s Golf Classic

Riley attended the Emmy’s Golf Classic today. I’ve added a few photos to the gallery. Thanks to my friend AliKat for a couple of these.

Photos | Videos: Frequency Cast at Paley Center Screening & Panel

I’ve added nearly 100 photos of the Frequency cast at the Paley Center Screening. Peyton, Riley, and Mekhi were in attendance.
EDIT: I’ve added 44 more HQ photos of the cast at the event. Huge thanks to our friends at Vikings Fan, a wonderful and comprehensive fansite dedicated to the TV series Vikings. I’ve also added 3 interviews of the cast.

Press | Show News | Cast News: Frequency casts Mistresses actor as Raimy’s love interest

When Frequency premieres, viewers will be introduced to the father-daughter duo of Raimy and Frank Sullivan. One night, Raimy, a NYC detective, discovers that her father’s old ham radio still works. Specifically, it allows her to talk to him. The twist? She’s in 2016 and he’s in 1996. Also, in her timeline, he’s dead.

But when Raimy starts messing with the timeline, everything in her life is turned upside down, including her love life. Enter Rob Mayes. EW can exclusively reveal the Mistresses’ actor will recur as Detective Kyle Mosbey, who’s described as a “charmingly cocky detective and Raimy’s equal and surprise love interest. Kyle challenges Raimy’s idea of the perfect guy for her. He understands that life on the job can leave little room for a conventional relationship, but neither can deny their connection.”

I will be working on adding photos of him to the gallery this week.

Photos | Video: CW Frequency Photo Session Promo

Check out the new CW Frequency Photo Session Promo taken at San Diego Comic Con. It has been added to our video vault and screencaps to our gallery.

Press | Photos | Show News: The CW Unveils Fall 2016 Key Art + Photo Session Replacements

New Key Art To Appear in the Network’s Fall Outdoor, Print and Digital Marketing Campaigns. The CW Network has unveiled the key art designs for its new fall series FREQUENCY, NO TOMORROW, and SUPERGIRL.

I’ve also updated some of the photos from Cast Photo Session #004 thanks to my friend AliKat.

Press | Video | Cast Interview: ‘Frequency’ Cast On Potential ‘Supernatural’ Crossover: ‘Never Say Never’

Nobody does crossover episodes quite like The CW.

With the hotly anticipated four show superhero crossover event featuring Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and the newest CW series Supergirl already announced for the upcoming season — as well as an additional musical superhero crossover with The Flash and Supergirl — the network is all about the concept of a shared universe.

During the CBS Television Critics Association Party earlier this month, People’s Choice caught up with Riley Smith, Peyton List, and Mekhi Phifer from the upcoming CW series Frequency to find out if there’s any chance their show will be getting in on the super-sized crossover fun.

“Our show is a little bit more grounded on reality. Those shows are great, and it would be great to sort of find a way to intertwine,” Phifer told People’s Choice about a potential superhero crossover. “Even though we’re dealing with some aspects of sci-fi, [Frequency] is really about family and the grounded nature of what’s going on. The things that we go through feel very real and I think people can relate to it a lot more.”

Inspired by the 2000 film of the same name, Frequency centers on Raimy Sullivan (List), a detective who discovers that she’s able to communicate through a ham radio with her father, a detective who died in 1996. As the two forge a new relationship while working together to solve an unresolved murder case, unintended consequences of the butterfly effect arise in the present day.

A superhero crossover might be a bit of a stretch, but what about a sci-fi series crossover? Since Frequency is helmed by Jeremy Carver, who used to be a showrunner on Supernatural, we asked the cast whether there’s any chance we’ll see them teaming up with the Winchester brothers.

“Never say never,” List told People’s Choice about a potential Supernatural crossover.

“Especially with The CW,” Smith added. “You know, CW has a way of really setting trends and shaking things up. I think we’re for it.”

Frequency is set to premiere Wednesday, October 5, 2016 on The CW.

Photos: New Cast Photo Session #004 Additions

I’ve added 9 new photos of the photo session Peyton, Riley, and Mekhi did from San Diego Comic Con. Enjoy!

Photos | Video: CW New Series Promotional Shoot + Riley Smith Photo Session

The CW has released a behind the scenes promotional shoot video of their new CW series including Frequency. Check it out above and screencaps below. I’ve also added screencaps of an older photo session Riley did. Enjoy.

Site News: Frequency Fan 2.0

Hey guys, I’ve been a busy bee getting the new version of the site online. I wanted a cleaner design. Please let me know what you guys think and if you come across any errors so I can address them. I see this design staying around for awhile. 🙂

There is a new “Like” feature in the form of a star on all articles and post. If you particularly like an article or post please just tick on the star to help other Frequency fans find the best posts quicker.

Will be working on redesigning the gallery next to match and be more user friendly. Trying to get all the behind the scenes and grunt work out of the way before the series premiere.

Also, I’ve updated the new cast page for Alexandra Metz.

Photos: MASSIVE Photo Gallery Update

Photos: MASSIVE Photo Gallery Update

I’ve added about 800 photos to the site! Phew. I’ve added lots of old magazine scans, additions to our appearance/event albums, photo sessions, social media, and Frequency photos. You can view them all in the gallery. I updated too many albums to list so I’ve added a generic outline below of what’s been updated.

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