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Press | Photos | Videos: Frequency at 2016 San Diego Comic Con – Master Post

Frequency made their grand appearance at San Diego Comic Con yesterday with cast members Riley Smith, Peyton List, and Mekhi Phifer. I created this master post to post all photos and videos related to the event or released at the event. Thanks to all who have followed us on Twitter and Facebook for quick and easy news and updates on their feed on the event! Riley himself had liked some of our posts regarding the event and photo additions. Yay! Hopefully the cast will follow us.. ultimate goal for us fangirls. hehe. Anyhow, I think I am done with the SDCC coverage of Frequency. I’ve added all the digital goodies I could find. Big thanks to my friends AliKat and Victoria for all their donations.

2016 San Diego Comic Con: Videos


Press: Little Fun Facts From The Frequency SDCC Panel

Press: Little Fun Facts From The Frequency SDCC Panel

The cast of CW’s upcoming fall series, Frequency, took to Comic-Con to show off the pilot episode and reveal some fun facts about each other and the story. You can have a look below to see what was heard during their panel and what we learned from other interviews that the cast had during their stay.

Peyton List and Riley Smith knew each other for about a decade before the show. With this, it makes bonding a lot easier.

Although there scenes are not together, Peyton and Riley would both be on set for each others scenes to be there for each other.

Peyton List enjoys playing tough women.

Mekhi Phifer, who plays Satch DeLeon, enjoys the unknown journey that the show is.

Being stuck in the 90’s is something Riley Smith loves! It brought back a lot of memories.

Executive Producer Jeremy Carver (Supernatural) believes that Frequency will stand out from the other time traveling shows that will premiere later this year. Mainly because this show will take on a more grounded, realistic, what-if approach.

Starting Monday the rest of the season will start to be filmed.

Although Frequency focus on two different time frames, the cast promises that it won’t be hard to understand or follow.
Frequency will premiere on The CW October 5th.

Press: Why Frequency feels more grounded than other time travel shows

Press: Why Frequency feels more grounded than other time travel shows

Frequency – The CW’s new series about a present day detective (Peyton List) who discovers she can talk to her deceased father (Riley Smith) in 1996 via a ham radio – is one of several time travel shows debuting this TV season. However, Executive Producer Jeremy Carver (Supernatural) believes they’ll probably stand out from the pack because of how grounded their show is.

“I can’t really speak to the other ones. I’m not exactly sure what they look like. My guess is that they feel more genre than we do,” Carver told EW at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. “I think we’re taking a very grounded, realistic, what-if approach to this. I think what we’re all responding to most is putting very people in an extraordinary situation, but playing it out in a very believable, relatable way.”

Executive Producer Jennifer Gwartz added, “At the end of the day, this is a show that kind of taps into something that everyone can relate to and that’s second chances and do overs and what if you could go back and do things differently. I think that’s really relatable and I think the emotion of that is really powerful.”

Peyton List, who plays Detective Raimy Sullivan, also believes this is the “toughest’ and “most grounded in reality” character that she’s ever played on The CW. “She’s very complicated,” said List, who has also appeared on The Flash. “What I like about our show is that these characters are beautifully flawed.”

The series, which is inspired by the 2000 movie of the same name, will also explore how Raimy’s communication with her father, who is in the past, will change and wreak havoc on the present.

Watch the entire interview above. Frequency debuts Wednesday, Oct. 5 on The CW.

Photos: Peyton List Appearances & Events

Photos: Peyton List Appearances & Events

I’ve begun to expand the gallery to include photos of the cast.

I’ve added Peyton List’s Appearances & Events to the gallery. Again, Peyton will be playing Raimy, the female lead in the series. Enjoy Peyton’s galleries and visit soon for more!

You can see Peyton’s photos HERE. Thanks to my friend Angela for some of these.

Press | Video: Peyton List Says Her ‘Frequency’ Character Is An ‘Over-Achiever’

Peyton List returns to television this fall as the star of the new CW series Frequency. Inspired by the 2000 film of the same name, the CW’s latest sci-fi endeavor centers on Raimy Sullivan (List), a detective who discovers that she’s able to communicate through a ham radio with her father, Frank Sullivan, a detective who died in 1996. The two forge a new connection by working together to help solve an unresolved murder case.

The former Tomorrow People star provided People’s Choice with a bit of insight into the mind of her character when we caught up with her earlier this year at the CW Upfronts.

“My character is a police detective, and she’s someone who’s pretty serious,” List told People’s Choice. “She grew up always over-achieving and trying to clean this stain that had been left by her father, who had basically died being a bad guy and being a criminal. And in becoming a police officer, she’s always trying to prove she can be better than him, and she can sort of redeem the family name, or prove that it didn’t carry on to her.”

Once List’s character begins communicating with her father back in 1996, the two discover that altering the past can have monumental effects on the future.

“She’s starting to ask questions like, ‘Was he a bad guy? Was everything she told real?,”‘ List continued. “It’s dictated her life since she was eight-years-old and all of a sudden, if it is true, how does that change her life going forward?”

If you’re intrigued by the plot of The CW’s latest thriller, you can watch Frequency’s first look trailer right here.

News | Appearance Alert: Frequency is going to San Diego Comic-Con 2016

News | Appearance Alert: Frequency is going to San Diego Comic-Con 2016

Warner Bros. Announces Their Comic-Con 2016 Schedule

Warner Bros. Television has announced that 21 of their series will be spotlighted at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego, from Supergirl and The Flash all the way to Arrow, Riverdale and more.

Here’s the press release with more details:


Series from Top Producers Including Greg Berlanti, Greg Daniels, Bruno Heller, Andrew Kreisberg, Marc Guggenheim, Steven Molaro, Julie Plec, Rob Thomas &, Diane Ruggiero-Wright, Kevin Williamson and Many More

Fans Won’t Want to Miss Panels and Signings with the Stars and Producers of The 100, Animaniacs Live!, Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, Blindspot, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Frequency, Gotham, Justice League Action, iZOMBIE, Lucifer, The Originals, People of Earth, Powerless, Riverdale, Supergirl, Supernatural, Teen Titans Go!, Time After Time and The Vampire Diaries

6:00–10:00 p.m. Comic-Con and Warner Bros. Television proudly continue our annual Preview Night tradition, with exclusive world premiere screenings of the pilot episodes of five of the most highly anticipated series of the 2016–17 television season — Riverdale, Powerless, People of Earth, Frequency and Time After Time — as well as a brand new episode of Teen Titans Go! and the debut of Justice League Action. Ballroom 20

7:25–8:15 p.m. Frequency Pilot Screening and Q&A — Based on the New Line feature film, Frequency is the story of a father and daughter who are supernaturally reunited two decades after his suspicious and untimely death. New York detective Raimy Sullivan was only 7 when her father, Frank Sullivan, an undercover cop, abandoned his family in pursuit of a case that led not only to his family’s breakup, but also his eventual death undercover. Always believing her dad died in disgrace as a corrupt cop, Raimy set forth to surpass him in law enforcement, rising through the ranks to detective. But everything she knows changes when somehow Raimy and Frank connect — across two decades — over Frank’s vintage ham radio in the garage. Where once Frank was lost in the shadows of his undercover work in 1996, he has now miraculously been found by his now-grown daughter in 2016. As they forge a new relationship while working together in two time periods to close an unsolved serial murder investigation, their emotional connection transcends time to not only repair the broken bonds of their family, but also defy fate and change the course of destiny. Frequency makes its Comic-Con debut with a screening of the complete pilot episode, followed by a Q&A with series stars Peyton List (The Tomorrow People, The Flash), Riley Smith (Nashville, The Messengers) and Mekhi Phifer (Torchwood, ER), along with executive producers Jeremy Carver (Supernatural, U.S. version of Being Human) and Jennifer Gwartz (Lethal Weapon, Veronica Mars). From Lin Pictures in association with Warner Bros. Television, Frequency premieres Wednesday, October 5, at 9/8c on The CW. Become a fan on Facebook at and follow the show on Twitter at @CWFrequency. Room 6BCF

To read the complete article and see what other Comic Con shows and guests will be attending click here.

Video | Press: Peyton List Talks Frequency and The Flash’s Golden Glider

Watch Peyton List talk about Frequency.

News: ‘Flash’ Star Peyton List Radios in to Lead CW ‘Frequency’ Reboot

News: ‘Flash’ Star Peyton List Radios in to Lead CW ‘Frequency’ Reboot

The wheel of movie-TV reboots remains forever in turn, but The CW’s take on time-twisting cop drama Frequency will have at least one familiar face for CW fans. Flash and Tomorrow People alum Peyton List will lead the new take from Supernatural boss Jeremy Carver.

This time taking place across a 20-year divide between 1996 and 2016, The CW’s Frequency reboot will see List as 2016 detective Raimy (via Deadline), who discovers an ability to speak to her estranged father Frank Sullivan (Riley Smith) over a ham radio before his death in 1996. The past Frank has been undercover for two years, the strain of his assignment tearing his family apart, as an unsolved case between the two timelines offers a new chance to mend their relationship.

Divergent series star Mekhi Phifer also stars as Lt. Satch DeLeon, ostensibly the past Andre Braugher role from the original Toby Emmerich film. That version saw Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel as the father and child pairing, albeit separated thirty years between 1999 and 1969, with Quaid’s character a firefighter to Caviezel’s detective..

Time will tell (get it?) if the new Frequency holds up as well as the film, but good on Peyton List for sticking with The CW. Watch the original Frequency trailer below.

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