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Photos: Frequency Set Tour + Social Media + Photo Sessions

Hello Freqs! Hope everyone is well. I’ve added a handful of new/old photos to the gallery. New photos include set tour photos of the Frequency set. These photos are so cool. You can see props from the show! I’ve also added some recent cast social media photos and a couple photo sessions. Riley recently shot for Bello magazine. I will be adding scans once they become available!

I’m working on getting photos of Rob Mayes to the site as well as a bunch of older photos of Peyton. Check back and be sure to tune in on Wednesday for the new episode of Frequency.

Photos: Michael Charles Roman Photos + Frequency Behind the Scenes

I’ve added some new photos to the site of Michael Charles Roman who plays Thomas Goff on Frequency. He’s the current suspected Nightingale Murderer.

I will be working on the site’s content this week. Please share your favorite content with us including quotes and character facts that you’ve picked up from the show. I run the site on my own so these things would be very helpful!

Press | Photos | Videos: Frequency Promotional & Press

First of all, What did you think of the Frequency premiere?! I personally LOVED it. Make sure you tune in next Wednesday for the next episode. Let’s raise ratings on the show. Let’s get the series trending on twitter and facebook using the hashtags #Frequency and #GetYourFreqOn.

I’ve added a bunch of photos of the cast from Frequency promos as well as a bunch of screencaps of press done on the series by Mekhi Phifer. I’ve added a majority of the videos to our video vault. Check out links below for photos and video links to watch the videos. Big thanks to my friend Victoria for helping me snag some of these.

Photos: MASSIVE Photo Gallery Update

Photos: MASSIVE Photo Gallery Update

I’ve added about 800 photos to the site! Phew. I’ve added lots of old magazine scans, additions to our appearance/event albums, photo sessions, social media, and Frequency photos. You can view them all in the gallery. I updated too many albums to list so I’ve added a generic outline below of what’s been updated.

Photos: Massive Gallery Update

I’ve completed 95% of the photo gallery of the site and have added THOUSANDS of photos since my last post. Check out our gallery here and enjoy lovely photos of the cast. Check out some previews below as it would fill this whole page to post all the images I’ve added to the gallery here.



Press | Photos | Videos: Frequency at 2016 San Diego Comic Con – Master Post

Frequency made their grand appearance at San Diego Comic Con yesterday with cast members Riley Smith, Peyton List, and Mekhi Phifer. I created this master post to post all photos and videos related to the event or released at the event. Thanks to all who have followed us on Twitter and Facebook for quick and easy news and updates on their feed on the event! Riley himself had liked some of our posts regarding the event and photo additions. Yay! Hopefully the cast will follow us.. ultimate goal for us fangirls. hehe. Anyhow, I think I am done with the SDCC coverage of Frequency. I’ve added all the digital goodies I could find. Big thanks to my friends AliKat and Victoria for all their donations.

2016 San Diego Comic Con: Videos