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News | Photos | Video: The CW Offers Closure For Frequency Fans – The Unaired Frequency Epilogue

Fans of Frequency are still getting their Freq, hoping that they can save Frequency. As you may already know, The CW did decide to cancel the series after having one season. However, at least they are making it to fans by releasing an Epilogue, a conclusion to what has happened after the finale.

Will Frank and Raimy be reunited at last? Find out now by heading to the official CW App to watch this exciting, heart touching video.

Press: ‘Frequency,’ ‘No Tomorrow’ Canceled at The CW

Officially canceled are rookies Frequency and No Tomorrow, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Neither show was expected to return. No Tomorrow and Frequency were the first CW shows in years to not get additional episode pickups.

Frequency was a combination of two of the season’s most popular trends: time travel and movie reboots. Starring Mad Men alum Peyton List and Nashville grad Riley Smith, the show had a small movie fan base to build on from the start. The Warner Bros. TV first-year series couldn’t connect with viewers, averaging just a 0.4 rating and 1.5 million viewers — not enough to justify a back-nine pickup. The show’s fate appeared to be sealed in March when CBS TV Studios tapped List for its space drama pilot Mission Control.
Meanwhile, The CW had high hopes for No Tomorrow to join the ranks of light hourlong entries Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (and for star Tori Anderson to break out in the same way Golden Globe winners Gina Rodriguez and Rachel Bloom have). But the apocalyptic comedy from CBS TV Studios failed to enter the awards conversation like Jane and Crazy. The first-year comedy, from Jane alum Corinne Brinkerhoff, mustered just a 0.3 average rating and 1 million viewers and failed to earn a back-nine pickup.

The CW’s 2016-17 freshman class wraps at one-for-three, with only midseason drama Riverdale — based on DC’s Archie Comics characters — going on to earn a second season. Next up for The CW will be determining the fate of bubble shows iZombie and The Originals as well as deciding which of its six pilots will move to series.

Keep track of all the broadcast renewals, cancellations and series pickups with THR’s handy scorecard.

I just want to take a moment to say thank you to the cast and writers of this amazing show. You all deserved so much better. I’m so sad that the CW did not stand behind you guys. You were pure quality and unfortunately that’s not something they are clearly accustom to having on their lineup. I wish you all the best and will continue to follow your future endeavors and support you all. As for the fansite, it will remain open for a few months until I decide what to do with it. But whether it remains online or not, I will be supporting you all, especially Riley and Peyton whom I’ve been a fan of for years.

To all the Freqs who visited, tweeted, and fangirled with me.. you all rock. Thanks for fangirling with me and trying to help our favorite show. You were one hell of an army.
– J.

Audio | Press: Riley Smith, ‘I’m on Fire’

Actor and singer-songwriter Riley Smith is premiering his new song “I’m on Fire” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play below to listen.

Fans of CMT’s Nashville might recognize Smith: He played brooding rocker-turned-country singer Markus Keen during the show’s fourth season (when it was still on ABC). Smith has also made appearances on HBO’s True Blood and True Detective, and has a leading role on the CW’s Frequency.

During his time on Nashville, Smith recorded four songs that were released as part of the show’s soundtrack; now, he’s preparing to release his first project as an artist himself. “I’m on Fire,” Smith tells The Boot is about the time he’s spent on the road — specifically, it’s “the story of one of the many times I just needed to go home.”

“”I’m on Fire” exemplifies the synergy I found while living in Nashville: Tim Lauer was producing my music for the show Nashville, and then set us up on a co-write with Mathew Perryman Jones, who I had been a fan of for a long time,” Smith shares. “The three of us sat down, and the premise just flowed out of us. Working with them was effortless, yet deep and meaningful; within a few hours of our write, we had perfectly captured my tone and sound.”

“I’m on Fire” will appear on Smith’s forthcoming self-titled debut EP, which is set for release on July 21 and was produced by Kevin Leach; it’s the record’s lead single. Smith describes the project as “loner music.”

“There’s a common theme of distance and space running through the EP,” Smith says. “I want the EP to hopefully transcend to anyone who’s ever felt alone.”

Visit for more information.

Press: What does Peyton List’s new casting in a pilot mean for Frequency?

So as many may know, and if you don’t, Peyton List (Raimy) was casted in a pilot for CBS called Mission Control. She is not the lead in the series.

What does this mean for Frequency? NOTHING. Nothing has changed. We still support the show and work on getting it renewed. Apparently Peyton was hired in a “second position” to Frequency. Meaning if and when Frequency gets renewed, they will have to release her to do Frequency. That’s also to assume that the new series gets picked up as it is just a pilot.

So have no fear Freqs. Just keep waving your Freq flags, spread the word about the show and try and get more people watching, keep telling the CW and Netflix you want a second season, and lets not lose hope.

Frequency Fan Exclusive Q&A

Hey guys, I’m excited to announce that we will be doing a Q&A with Riley (and hopefully other cast members). So if you have a question that you would like answered, submit them below. We will see if we can get them answered on Periscope or some sort of video platform. It has been too long since we seen our faves, am I right?

To read more information on this Q&A and to ask your question(s), Click Here.

Press: You should probably binge ‘Frequency’ on Netflix if you’re hoping for a Season 2

From the jump, we knew “Frequency” wasn’t likely to get a full season on The CW, considering the absolute deluge of shows the network had saved on its lineup for spring premieres. Still, we’re bummed the show has completed its first-season run so soon.

After a long and tiring chase for the Nightingale Killer, Frank (Riley Smith) and Raimy (Peyton List) thought they’d finally caught the man and put him away. Unfortunately, his stepson was the real perpetrator, which led to some pretty explosive consequences in the final moments of Wednesday’s (Jan. 25) finale.

Luckily for fans, with renewal still up in the air for “Frequency,” the Season 1 finale could serve as either the end to a pretty awesome series… Or a launching point for a new chapter.

With Robbie (David Lipper) still on the loose — and stalking Raimy’s engagement party from afar — and the radio that connects her with her father in 1996 now broken, there are quite a few balls left up in the air. On the other hand, she did manage to save her mother and win back her fiancé, so Raimy’s life isn’t quite the disaster it used to be — thanks to her decision to meddle with the past.

Screener decided to go straight to the source, executive producer Jeremy Carver, to ask about the show’s chances of renewal and what a Season 2 might look like if that days comes.

“We leave things open, and we close some loops as well,” Carver says of writing a season finale that might have to be a series finale. “Every good show is still going to leave open danglers and cliffhangers when it comes to the next season, and we’re no different.”

As far as a potential Season 2 goes, there’s no confirmation of renewal yet, but that doesn’t mean the writers aren’t tossing around ideas about where Raimy and Frank will go next, and what’s on tap for future storylines.

“I think over the course of Season 1 there’s a lot of things that we discussed that we sort of left on the shelf, so I think we as a staff are really excited to push Raimy and Frank into maybe some new season-long mysteries that they might work on together… There’s a couple things that happen in the finale that actually have pretty significant consequences to the overall arc of the show as a series. That’s me being very vague and not wanting to spoil anything.”

Spoilers aside, it does sound like there are a few solid plans on the books for a potential Season 2. The crux of the show is the time-travel aspect and the father-daughter relationship it allows, which should and probably will always be part of the show.

“I think we had them engage in some other mystery, while the events and people from Season 1 never quite go away. One of the things that we really loved about the season was this idea of ‘What is science and what is fate?’ We continue to ask those questions into Season 2 and beyond. A little bit like ‘Supernatural,’ you might have a new sort of season-long mystery in Season 2, but the old enemies and relationships never quite go away.”

Personally, we’d love to see Raimy set out on a new mission to find a way to save her father. After all, in the original movie, John (Jim Caviezel) — the character Raimy is based on — ultimately finds a way to keep his mother and his father alive while stopping the Nightingale killer for good.

The only way we’ll get that inevitable storyline though, is if people turn up to watch the show while its renewal is hanging in the balance. Luckily, Netflix will come to our rescue yet again.

In an pretty unprecedented move, The CW and Netflix have made a deal to release “Frequency” Season 1 for streaming one week after its finale episode.

“It’s so important to our show because I think the network, while they’ve done nothing but be incredibly supportive of the show, they would like to see — as would we — some significant viewership on Netflix, which we think the show is perfectly primed to deliver,” Carver explains. “It’s not everything, but to be frank about it, it’s very important that folks who enjoy the show recommend the show to their friends and family and let them take a look at it on Netflix … That can only help towards giving us a second season.”

“Frequency” is available for streaming on Netflix starting the morning of Thursday, Feb. 2.

Press | Show News | Video | Photos: Episode 01×12 – ‘Harmonic’ Episode Synopsis + Episode Stills + Trailer

I’ve added episode information, stills, and a trailer for next week’s episode. I apologize for the delay. I’ve also updated our episode guide with information from missing episodes.

Raimy (Peyton List) and Frank (Riley Smith) make a huge discovery while continuing their search for the Nightingale. Meanwhile, Stan (Anthony Ruivivar) is willing to do anything to bring Frank down.


Press | Video: KTLA5 – Riley Smith Discusses Lead Role on “Frequency”

The handsome and talented Riley Smith stopped by the KTLA Morning News to talk about the midseason premiere of the CW’s “Frequency” happening January 4th at 9pm on The CW.
This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on January 4th, 2017.

Press | Show News | Videos: Episode 01×09 – ‘Gray Line’ Episode Synopsis + Trailer

Raimy (Peyton List) and Frank (Riley Smith) make a startling discovery about the Nightingale killer. Meanwhile, Frank is blindsided by a shocking betrayal.

Press | Show News | Photos: Episode 01×08 – ‘Interference’ Episode Synopsis + Episode Stills

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have so much to add to the site but offline and other sites have kept me busy. This is like having a fansite on 7 people. haha. I’m only one person so bare with me. Anyhow, I do update the gallery and site content tho I may not post official updates here so be sure to check the gallery and follow us on twitter!

I’ve added a synopsis for episode 8, tho I added the info to the sidebar and episode guide back when the information surfaced. I’ve also added episode stills for tonight’s episode.

Raimy and Satch discover a shocking connection to the Nightingale’s first kill. When Raimy shares this news with Frank (Riley Smith), he works to dig up additional information. Meanwhile, Frank and Julie are forced to have an honest conversation, and Raimy has a surprise visitor.


Press | Photos | Video: Entertainment Weekly Interview – Peyton, Riley, and Mekhi

Check out a new interview that surfaced of Peyton, Riley, and Mekhi for Entertainment Weekly.

Press | Show News | Video | Photos: Episode 01×07 – ‘Break, Break, Break’ Episode Synopsis + Episode Stills + Trailer

I’ve added episode information, stills, and a trailer for next week’s episode. I apologize for the delay. I’ve also updated our episode guide for most of the episodes.

A cold-case victim leads Raimy and Satch to a big break in the investigation, a room where the Nightingale held his first victim.


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