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#RenewFrequency Social Media Fan Campaign – Join Us!

Okay #Freqs here’s what’s going on. There’s a lot of rumors floating around that Frequency was cancelled. It has not been cancelled. News has it that Frequency was not given an extended season one. What does this mean? It means that season one will only be 13 episodes long and then it will be found on Netflix worldwide. Be sure to watch the series on there and spread the Frequency with friends, family, and social media. We need people to continue watching. Let’s not give up on our favorite new show.

So to help spread the word that we want a season two of Frequency. Show your support for the series and the cause by adding this ribbon to your social media icon. Just click below on the icon. It takes less than ONE minute to support the show.

This will add a ribbon with #RenewFrequency on the bottom of your icon photo. Everyone who sees your icon will see you support the show and want a season two! Let’s try to get everyone we can on board. Let’s see Frequency everywhere!