FreqyArt – Frequency Fanart Giveaway

I’m happy to announce a #FreqyFriday twitter giveaway in the form of a #FreqyArt and it’s our best giveaway! What exactly does it mean? What do you have to do to enter? What’s the giveaway?

Giveaway Dates

Giveaway starts March 13th and ends on May 1st. Winner will be chosen on May 5th following our last #FreqyFriday.

The Giveaway Prize

A Frequency poster signed by Riley Smith (Frank), Peyton List (Raimy), Mekhi Phifer (Satch), Devin Kelley (Julie), Lenny Jacobson (Gordo), Daniel Bonjour (Daniel). The poster was donated by Riley himself.

What is #FreqyArt and how do I enter the giveaway?

#FreqyArt is the name of this giveaway. This is a fan-art entry giveaway. We want to see more Frequency fan-art online so we thought this would be a great way to help motivate fans to make some fan-art. If you need photos and inspirations, be sure to check out the gallery for thousands of photos.

To enter you are to create fan-art featuring the cast of Frequency. Fan-Art considered will be drawings, paintings, and graphics (photos altered with effects and/or text).

How do I submit my fan-art to #FreqyArt and be entered in the giveaway?

Once you create your fan-art you need to post it on twitter and do the following:
1. Include #FreqyArt in your tweet. If it doesn’t have this hashtag it will not be entered into the giveaway.
2. Include #RenewFrequency in your tweet. This will show your support for the series.
3. Tag and/or Include @TheCW @TheCW_PR @CWFrequency @Netflix in the tweet/photos. Show them your fan-art!

Fan-art will be added to the site every Friday to the gallery: here.

Giveaway Winner

The giveaway winner will be announced on May 5th around 10pm Eastern time following the last #FreqyFriday online event. Winner will be chosen randomly BUT please vote for your favorite fan-art. Under each fan-art there will be a star rating available. This will influence, but will not solely determine the winner. For every entry you enter, the more chances you have to win.

When the winner if chosen, there fan-art will be featured here along with their Twitter name.

Please Note: By using the #FreqyArt you are allowing us to showcase your work on our site.